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 Daniel J. Nellum Youth Services, Inc.

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Together we can build a better tomorrow for our youth.
The youth of today are faced at every turn of their lives with life-altering challenges. High-poverty high-crime neighborhoods encapsulates our youth in a manner that leaves them with little or no choice in the path they have to follow. The permanent scars of psychological, physical and sexual abuse rampant in the inner-cities exacerbates the predicament.


These challenges become even more profound when the family unit lacks a strong positive role model, or the youth hails from a single-parent household faced with inadequate vital resources, like food, clothing and shelter. The environment that ensues, the challenging or threatening circumstances they face, creates an overwhelming sense of hopelessness.

The consequences are that the youth becomes prone to anger and violence, takes on gang affiliation, resorts to drug and alcohol abuse, and develops and exhibits a host of behavioral and emotional problems.


At Daniel J. Nellum Youth Services, we deal with these challenges by introducing structure and focus, responsibility and self-esteem, through a combination of clinical, psychological, therapeutic and educational methods individually fashioned for the youth in our charge.


We're determined in our effort to improve the wellbeing of the youth in our care, and we're grateful to the families and organizations who're assisting us with our work. We're always in need of educational and recreational supplies for our center, and we're always looking for donations and partners in our march to build a better tomorrow for our youth.