Maximizing the individual, family and community potential of the youth in our care

 Daniel J. Nellum Youth Services, Inc.

We continue to seek additional sources of revenue to fund improvement projects for our center and infrastructure. We're determined to continue to provide our youth with the tools they need to become responsible and respectable adults. If you would like to assist us in our effort, please click here. We appreciate your support.

We continue to work to improve our computer network infrastructure. We are determine to field a network that is scalable, available and secure. Consequently, we have recently upgraded our Windows network to Active Directory Domain Services infrastructure, or ADDS. We have also started to virtualize our server infrastructure and introduced Windows Server 2012 operating systems into our networking environment. In addition, we have replaced or upgraded some of our client computers' hardware and software, and have given them the computing power needed to quickly respond to customer/client needs.

Our new website,, is now fully functional, but we continue to introduce relevant contents as needed.

Funds from grants received for recreational and educational supplies, enabled us to purchase and setup a new ping-pong table in our recreation room to keep residents engaged while indoors.  A staffer explained the significance of the ping-pong table. “Ping-pong is just another way we keep the boys active without them having to leave the facility. It keeps them from becoming bored, and fosters a healthy, competitive atmosphere.”

We have built out areas of our offices by introducing private cubicles to give an additional layer of protection to personal information being processed in the area.


After twenty-six years of service, Daniel J. Nellum Youth Services, Inc. continues to evolve as a non-profit organization. Our desire to provide homes for “neglected and abandoned” youth, influence positive change among individuals and families, and serve as a resource for the community, continue to fuel our resolve to remain viable and strong in spite of our relatively small size.



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